Mike Besa reviews The Boiling Seafood in Business Mirror

The Boiling Seafood gets a 5 star review in Business Mirror’s Wine & Dine. Read more in the author, Mike Besa’s blog.

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Good Friends, Great Booze, Gastronomic Cajun Seafood!

Choose your seafood — crabs, shrimps, clams or lobster and then…..

Choose your sauce — cajun, butter garlic, sweet chili garlic, coconut curry or aligue.

Choose your spice level — from Tame, Mild to Wild

Pair it off — with garlic rice, corn, baked potatoes, onion rings or french fries. Shrimps and clams are served with corn and Hungarian sausages.

Confused? try the clams in coconut curry sauce, shrimps in aligue sauce and crabs in sweet chili sauces or garlic overload.

Allergic to seafood? — you can’t go wrong with beef salpicao, pasta or hickory baby back ribs!

Kid friendly! — It’s a family place so kids will always have something to eat.

When the lights go down — Pair your booze with some bar chow — Batter fried calamari or TBS’s famous buffalo wings!

Looking for the best seafood restaurant in town?TBS pretty much has it in the BAG! The Boiling Seafood has something for everyone whether you like it tame or wild. You and everyone of your friends will leave happy!